Proverbs 11:22

‘Like a gold ring in a pig’s snout  is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.’

Proverb or Nonverb?

If you want to run a great quiz round make up a load of proverbs and mix them in with little beauties like this and ask them to choose the genuine article. I guarantee you will catch some people out. But just because a Proverb sounds made up doesn’t mean it will lack wisdom, or indeed a lesson for us to learn.

Pig Jewellery

As we look into this idea of pig adornment, we discover a theme repeated throughout the Bible, that is the contrast between the image we present and the person we are. Despite this we spend an inordinate amount of time working on the outside rather than the inside, and yet the outside makes up for so little of who we are and is often easy to see past. Consider how small the gold ring is compared to the pig. It may catch our eye initially (after all it is gold) but let’s be honest no amount of gold is going to hide the fact this is stuck on a pig.

The Eye of the Beholder

Similarly beautiful women may turn a man’s head, but my experience is that if there is no substance beneath the beauty, no discretion so to speak, then the attraction is waning. I may tolerate them but it is clear they are a pig, so to speak. But what happens when I turn this mirror to my own life? Do I see a gold ring or a pig?

Beauty for Ashes

In truth it matters little what I see, the truth that I need to stand in is how God sees me? Can I believe that Jesus loves me despite myself?

Isaiah 61:3 ‘to bestow on them a crown of beauty  instead of ashes,’


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