Happy First Anniversary!

proverbial thought pictureI can’t believe it has actually been a year since this blog first went live. One year ago, on April Fool’s Day, Proverbial Thought set out to share a little bit of God’s wisdom with the world.

As I thought about this day, the famous words of the martyred missionary, Jim Elliot, came to mind:

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

The greatest fool is the man who attempts to gain the whole world, but then loses his soul (Mark 8:36).

Special Thanks

I would like to extend my personal, heartfelt thanks to all those who make this blog possible. I appreciate each of you from the bottom of my heart, for I could not have done all this on my own.

  1. My wife and daughters – for allowing me the time to study Proverbs in between work, seminary, writing, preaching, and the long honey-do list still incomplete.
  2. David Welford – for encouraging me to take a step of faith, and believing in someone you have  never met.
  3. Nick Welford – for your original blog that brought us together, and for your unique perspective which has challenged me, along with brought me to tears.
  4. Daniel Klem – for faithful, consistent blogging with a heart for God, and for wisdom beyond your years.
  5. Grady Davidson – for being an encouragement as a fellow pastor in the same part of town. I am blessed to have friends who care more about bringing glory to God through the unity of the Body of Christ (John 17:22) than for denominational pride.
  6. Jason Sneed – for your friendship and support through the years, and for your deep passion for serving the Lord.
  7. Chris Jordan – for giving this blog a chance, for excellent writing, and for not treating this American like the intellectual inferior other Canadians think I am ;-).
  8. Father God – for liberally giving wisdom to the lacking ones who ask (James 1:5).
  9. Jesus Christ – the Wisdom of God made flesh; my Savior.
  10. The Holy Spirit – for opening our eyes and hearts to treasures the world cannot know.
God Bless

God bless you, the readers and subscribers, for taking the time to read Proverbial Thought!

Please, pray for us, as we pray for you.


About Anthony Baker

Husband, dad, pastor, artist, and musician. Time Magazine's Person of the Year in 2006 (no joke!). Loves coffee (big time), good movies, and sarcastic humor. Holds a Doctorate in Ministry. Most importantly, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. All glory belongs to Him! Matthew 5:16 View all posts by Anthony Baker

5 responses to “Happy First Anniversary!

  • David

    I have to add another item of special thanks – to Anthony Baker, my Internet pastor and friend. For his vision and all the work that he has put into Proverbial Thought. For his encouragement of all who have contributed. For his commitment despite the pressures of being a husband, father, bi-vocational pastor, student, etc.

    I know that being a contributor has helped me in many ways – in my writing, in my knowledge of the book of Proverbs, and in my faith journey. Thank you Anthony.

  • Chris Jordan

    I’ll add my own thank you as well… thanks for including me in this great team of men of God who love the Lord, love His church, and love His Word! Blessings to you and your family today, Anthony…

  • Daniel M. Klem

    Reblogged this on a simple man of God and commented:

    Do not be a fool today or any day!
    Today is the first anniversary of the blog Proverbial Thought. Go read Anthony’s celebratory post, and offer him a special thanks for heeding God’s call to spread His words and wisdom. He has fought through a lot of hardship, illness, and educational adventures to keep this blog rolling forward.
    Thanks, Anthony!
    Thanks, everyone who continues to support us by reading regularly!
    God bless!

  • backthewaywecame

    Keep up the good work! We need you.

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