Seduced to the Rocks

Proverbs 7:16-17

“I have decked my bed with coverings of tapestry, with carved works, with fine linen of Egypt. I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.”

Being Seduced 

Proverbs 7 immerses the reader in the imagery of temptation, but with a clear focus on seduction. This has already been described as a spider weaving a web and trapping unsuspecting prey. Seduction could be compared with the mythological sirens of the ancient world luring seafarers to shipwreck and inevitable death. But seduction begins in many ways, not necessarily with the enchanting song of a siren. Is there any difference between temptation, attraction, chemistry, or however else we try to excuse our failure to resist? For many it will not be a prostitute in a bar or on a street corner, but a colleague at work, possibly even a fellow worshipper at church.


It may begin in innocence. A little voice inside says “I like this person” or “here is someone who understands me.” The Christian movie Fireproof demonstrates the process perfectly as the wife of the fire chief finds herself increasingly drawn to a doctor colleague at the hospital where she works.


Seduction should be obvious. The trouble is that something breaks in the human mind when seduction comes along, and the capacity to think logically disappears. Seduction robs us of our natural ability to avoid danger, and the song of the sirens draws us closer and closer to the rocks. The closer you get to the rocks, the more inevitable the shipwreck becomes. The trouble is that dangerous rocks are often shrouded in mist and difficult to see.


I played on the rocks as a child. But further offshore there were hidden reefs where vessels bound for the English Channel periodically ran aground. These were rocks where seafarers lost their lives. A few years later when serving at sea myself I dreaded the thought of putting a ship aground, but thought nothing of the dangers of the dockside bars when going ashore.

You may never have entered a dockside bar. You may never have been tempted by attraction to a co-worker in your daily life, or at church. You may think that the words of Proverbs 7 are an exaggeration, and that this part of God’s Word does not apply in your case. But it does. Every word of Scripture is there for a reason. If you don’t need to draw on this wisdom now, you may need to do so in the future. If you remember nothing else remember that failure to listen to God will lead to shipwreck. Almost all shipwrecks are caused by human error. Innocence is not an excuse. The rocks are charted. You are equipped to avoid them. Go too close and you will go aground.

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David: Half Scot, grew up in Guernsey and the UK. Lives in one of the most rural counties of the UK not far from the Welsh border. Father of Nick who encouraged David to start blogging. Married to Marilyn for 40+ years. Four other children in addition to Nick. Eight grandchildren. Former Merchant Navy officer now getting closer and closer to retirement. View all posts by David

8 responses to “Seduced to the Rocks

  • Anthony Baker

    David, if I could give out an award, or if there was even one to be given, this post would be a winner.

  • Tom Goss

    Beautifully said and packed with warnings that has caused this preacher to be more alert today. Thank you.

  • Anthony Baker

    You know, I just read this again, and hit even harder the second time around. The idea that “the rocks are charted” is as profound a statement as any I’ve heard. If that won’t preach, I don’t know what will. We say, “But I didn’t know the danger was there! I didn’t know that much damage could be done!” But God says, “No excuse. I told you to flee, but you flirted. I knew where every hidden rock lay, but you wanted to get as close as you could. You got sucked in by the waves of your own lusts, and now you’re a wreck. If only you had stayed on course and believed the chart!”

    • David

      I think there is a lot in these verses that will preach, but I’m not the preacher! Over to you brother! Perhaps if we consider that God is the Admiral-in-Chief, then Solomon was one of His hydrographers charting the oceans of life, the Book of Proverbs being both chart and sailing directions. One of 66 books of sailing directions. We really don’t have any excuse – not to read, not to study, not to obey, not to follow.

      The eighteen seamen on the vessel in the photograph were muslims. I wonder if the night may have turned out differently if they had been aware of the journey of Paul to Rome recorded in Acts 27. Paul warned the captain not to sail. Then when the ship was close to grounding he told the captain not to abandon until the ship had grounded and it was daylight. Then every man made it to the shore. The crew of the Prosperity abandoned ship in the most horrendous of conditions. Had they waited until daybreak they would have been able to see where they were, and in fact by morning the storm had abated and they could have walked ashore across the rocks.

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