Pray for Jason Sneed


Hello everyone.

I just got word that Jason Sneed, one of our contributors to this blog, is in the hospital with a blood clot. I don’t know all the details, but the following is from his father’s Facebook page:

Our son Jason was given the clot busting medicine at 2:45 pm on Monday and waiting for the next 24 hours. At 8:41 am this Tuesday morning he continues to improve with good vitals….waiting on the doctor. Please continue to pray for Jason.

Thanks for all who have been praying, visits to the hospital and the love for our family.

Please be in prayer, and I will update when possible.

UPDATE: The following are the details I just found. It was from 11 hours ago.

Thank you to everyone who has contacted us today. Jason had multiple blood clots in both lungs as well as his heart as a result of a recent surgery. He was given an infusion of meds to break up the clots and will be closely monitored for the next 24-48 hours. He is doing much better and is resting. Continue to pray for healing and rest for him both physically and mentally. We love you all. Thank you for loving us well today! (written by Cara, Jason’s wife)

Anthony Baker


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