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Laugh! It’ll Do You Good!

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones. – Proverbs 17:22

Let me clue you in to one of the Enemy’s greatest victories, one that has been missed by most of the religious and spiritual folk… He coopted comedy.

Oh, sure, there are some good, clean, even Christian comedians out there, but who’s as famous as the guys/girls who talk about their sexual encounters, make vulgar innuendo, and curse every other word?

So much of today’s stand-up comedy is political, angry, whiney, and simply perverted. Comedy may have always played a part in social exposition, but today’s comedians expose more than needed.

Even back in the day when Eddy Murphy shocked the world with his over-the-top use of f-bombs, his subject matter was mundane compared to today.

So, what do we have as the result? Well, our hearts cry out for the medicine of laughter, but most of the medicine is tainted and the side effects are horrible. For those who avoid comedy altogether there is the risk of equally bad symptoms, such as judgmentalism, meanness, critical attitudes, and sour Christianity.

Like I said, Satan has scored a huge victory by stealing our laughs. Maybe we should do more to get them back.

In the meantime, be creative and write good comedy that makes us laugh, but doesn’t require us to be embarrassed. Tell a clever joke, but keep it G-rated. Don’t be lazy and get cheap laughs; tell a good story that’s worthy of splitting a side.

Then, thank God for the gift of humor. We need it.