Turkish Delights

Proverbs 13:25

25 The righteous eateth to the satisfying of his soul: but the belly of the wicked shall want.

One of the greatest stories, children’s or otherwise, to come out of the Twentieth Century was C.S. Lewis‘s The Chronicles of Narnia.

In the first of the book written, but second in the series, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the third child and second boy of the family, Edmund Pevensie, is approached by the White Witch. She gives young Edmund some of one of his favorite sweets: Turkish Delights.

The thing about these Turkish Delights, and any food the White Witch gave to potential informants/slaves, is that the one consuming them never had enough. Edmund began craving these Turkish Delights beyond anything else, to the point that he was willing to give up his brother and sisters.

All Kinds of Addictions

If you think about it, there are many things in our world like Turkish Delight, depending on the person: alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, caffiene, pornography, sex, food, shopping, entertainment (of various sorts), and the list goes on and on.

Ask anyone in an addiction (and as one who has overcome an addiction to pornography, I, too, can attest to this), the more you get into your vice the more you want. I can not tell you how many hours (and even days) I have lost to my addiction. With some addictions, the end result is loss of everything and even death.

With Edmund, even he almost died for his sins.

Hearts Content

Those who are free of addiction find a great benefit: they are content.

Paul tells us in Philippians 4 that the true secret to contentment is loving God. He can face any trial, be in need or have plenty, and he is content.

Likewise, whatever we face in this life, whatever draws us away from God and people, turning to God and making Him our addiction is what shows us true contentment.

In fact, we were told that our peace only comes through Christ:

27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
John 14:27

We may be able to kick addictions, but only Jesus Christ through His Holy Spirit can give us true peace and contentment.

God of Peace, free us from our addictions and anything that draws us away from you. In the power of the Name of the Son, give us true peace in this life. Increase Your love in us before we perish. Increase Your love in us that we may know You and bring others to Your saving grace.


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I am a product of the '80's (meaning I was born in that decade) and married to the most beautiful woman I know since 2009 (beautiful in appearance and as a woman of God). I graduated in the spring of 2013 from Grand Canyon University with a Christian Leadership major, and now I am a student at Phoenix Seminary. Also, most importantly, Jesus saved me ... and you. View all posts by Daniel M. Klem

4 responses to “Turkish Delights

  • Grady Davidson

    Thank you for a great posting. Lewis took his study of the power of addiction to an even deeper level (in my opinion) in the character of the Prince in The Silver Chair. I have read through the Chronicles three times in my life: once as a child, then again in college, and third when I was in my mid thirties and had been in ministry for some time. After that third reading, with the ministry experience under my belt, I thought: This story (The Silver Chair) is about addiction. I ran that idea by a recovering alcoholic, who had actually loaned me his set of the books, and he chuckled and said, “of course.”

    • Daniel M. Klem

      When I first read all the stories a few years ago, my wife and I were reading through them all together (out loud). As we read through “The Silver Chair” I kept thinking about my addiction to porn from a few years earlier. In other words, I caught that, too!

      C.S. Lewis was an amazing man with an amazing mind who grew to amazing faith and understanding of faith matters.

  • backthewaywecame

    Reblogged this on atransformedcreation and commented:
    Do you have a craving that never satisfies?

  • Anthony Baker

    There is a coffee shop close to me that actually sold Turkish Delight. One piece no bigger than a square inch was all I could handle, but it did go well with a cup of black coffee. Sweeeeeeet!

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