Building a Home

Proverbs 14:1

Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.


Six months before we got married my wife and I purchased our first home. Mortgages were not easy to come by in 1978 and we had to find a deposit of £1,000 for a house that cost £14,995. Prudently we saved far more than the deposit before applying for a mortgage. Why? Because a house without furniture would not have been a home. Some of our furniture was purchased second-hand, some of it was new. Some of it was given to us by relatives who wanted to pass on their hand-me-downs. It didn’t really matter where it came from, what mattered was that we were building a home.

Lived In

When I look back at our first house it wasn’t perfect. The wallpaper and carpets were chosen by the previous owner and could best be described as ‘loud.’ The electric heating was inefficient and expensive. The front door caught the force of the wind and the rain in winter and used to jam. But whatever else that house was it was our home. It was where we lived and raised our family for fourteen years. If you had visited you might not have found a tidy home, but you would have found a home that was lived in. A home that was built and cherished by a wise woman. My wife.

Tenant or Owner

Just as our homes should be filled with evidence of our lives, Scripture teaches that our lives should be filled with evidence of God’s Holy Spirit. If we have surrendered our lives to God this is equivalent to opening the front door of our home and inviting Him in as the new owner, not just a tenant. If we do this then He will help us to change the decoration, fit new carpets, install new heating, and anything else He sees necessary for Him to feel comfortable living in us. It all boils down to ownership. Have you made God the owner of your house or do you treat Him like a tenant?


About David

David: Half Scot, grew up in Guernsey and the UK. Lives in one of the most rural counties of the UK not far from the Welsh border. Former Merchant Navy officer and hydrographic surveyor. Self-employed risk management consultant from 1992 travelling globally to carry out risk and security audits, plus some loss adjusting. Now retired. Father of Nick who encouraged David to start blogging. Married to Marilyn for 40+ years. Four other children in addition to Nick. Ten grandchildren. View all posts by David

5 responses to “Building a Home

  • Out of Eden Ministries

    “our lives should be filled with evidence of God’s Holy Spirit.” Ok…I’ll be pondering that one for the rest of the day. Or week. Good post! Love how you honor your wife in it!

    • David

      Thank you. I can remember comparing our ‘lived in’ home to someone else’s immaculately tidy home and I know which one was home. I guess that’s how I feel about God living in me. I am not sure, but I think He’d rather be comfortable than tidy. Would tidy be legalistic? (One for Anthony Baker to answer.)

      • Out of Eden Ministries

        Good thought. And let me tell you…I’ve compared my “lived in” home to many, many homes over the years. Took a long time for me to be ok with the untidiness of my home. And yes, I’m speaking physically and spiritually here. See what I did there? lol.

      • Daniel M. Klem

        Fortunately for me, my lovely bride of 3.5 years has learned that everything does not need to be always in just the right place and/or out of sight. We keep a clean home, but people who walk in know we actually live here!

        And to be a part of the grander conversation, this post reminded me of Shaun Groves’s song “Welcome Home”. The whole song is worth mentioning, but here is the chorus:

        Come inside this heart of mine
        It’s not my own
        Make it home
        Come and take this heart and make it
        All Your own
        Welcome Home

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