Which Side?

Proverbs 29:27

“An unjust man is an abomination to the just: and he that is upright in the way is abomination to the wicked.”

Vampires, and humans, and wolfs! Oh my!

Twilight is a very popular series of books that has been turned into various movies in recent years. To summarize in as little words as possible, it is about the “love” between a human female (Bella) and a male vampire (Edward), and a ware wolf guy (Jacob) who comes in later to steal the human from the vampire because the wolf man loves the human, too. You may have seen T-shirts and posters with “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” on them. Whoever is on the side of Jacob wants Bella and Jacob together, and same goes for Edward.


Edward (left), Bella (center), Jacob (right)

Sadly, these two sides are both wicked because they not only focus on the good of witchcraft and darkness, but they support the sinful and erotic love between a human and a beast, or a human and a soulless being. Neither side supports a moral lifestyle or legitimate love.

Those who are not on “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” but oppose Twilight from a Biblical perspective – because of the immoral lifestyle and values that come with it – are usually against those who support Twilight in the same way as Proverbs 29:27 explains. Those who support Twilight could say things about how it is just a sweet love story, or how it is all fiction. The fact still remains that there are serious problems with evil being portrayed as righteousness.

Either way, we have a book full of laws and reasons for those laws that help guide us in the way we should live. That should be where we look to find answers when being questioned about “sides” to stand on.

God’s Word is always valid and just; people are not.


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2 responses to “Which Side?

  • D.MarieProkop

    In fantasy books such as Twilight, the immorality is subordinate to the world in which it was created. It is not always going to be the same as our reality. In Twilight, if you read it, which I am doubting you have, based on your suppositions, Jacob, Edward, and Bella are not “immoral” in the way you describe- they are not doing wrong things on purpose or otherwise. They are actually quite upright and struggle with their spirituality. In the world of Twilight, these are characters who have actually chosen to be set apart from others of their kind, by following certain disciplines or making upright, difficult and unpopular, yet moral, choices. They abstain from evil, even sex before marriage. Twilight is your standard good vs. evil plot, with the uncommon twist of actually including real-life accepted (and biblical) moral choices. Please read the book for what it is- fiction (imaginary). Go to the Bible (NON-fiction) for non-imaginary. You will find some surprising parallels…and learn more about yourself and what you believe in the process.

    • Anthony Baker

      There is a video on YouTube that points out how one can generate more comments on a post. All one has to do is mention certain words/topics (abortion, homosexuality, atheism, religion, Halo, etc.) and the comments will come out of the cyber woodwork. The video failed to mention “Twilight.”

      In my opinion, the whole Twilight saga is a joke – a morally subjective, pluralistic trashing of what used to be a clearly distinguishable contrast between good and evil. No self-respecting vampire would sparkle and eat veggies, but would lurk in the darkness waiting to slurp the life out of someone. The “good guy” wouldn’t be a vampire, a werewolf, or an at-risk teenage girl with a death wish, either; he would be somebody with a cross and a wooden stake in hand (and a silver bullet for the man-dog).

      I know Twilight is just fiction, and some may interpret its purpose and meaning differently. However, I think Katie’s overall point is valid. And by the way, I don’t think NOT having sex with vampire in order to keep him from drinking your blood equates to honoring God and one’s future spouse by remaining a virgin until marriage. But that’s just my opinion as one who would rather read theology or watch NCIS.

      Seriously, though, thanks for commenting, D. Your points were well taken.

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