The Principle Thing

Proverbs 4:7

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.”

I think God really wants us to understand that wisdom is the best thing we can get. How many times over the past few chapters have we been exhorted to get wisdom? And there is more to come!

In 2007, I had the blessing of living out this verse. Really it was a mixed blessing. I had to end an engagement to a woman. I lost my job. I left home with only three bags of possessions (to be fair, my parents still have a few of my things to this day), and spent months living out of those bags with nothing else. I knew no one when I got to Arizona, and I spent a few months practically homeless.

It was difficult and at times a little scary, but I have rarely been as joyful. I was so dependent on God for every moment. I almost literally gave up everything to get a hold of God.

What have you given up to get a hold of God?

He may be reaching out for us every moment of every day, but God wants us to willingly choose to love Him.

For some of us, we may have only to give up our past. For others it is giving up our habits. For still others it may be giving up wants and desires we once had. Like myself at one time, it may require a complete restart, giving up everything and everyone (to a point) in our lives to focus solely on God.

For some, such as many believers in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, it may mean giving up this life.

God’s wisdom is worth it. No amount of money can get it. It must be gratefully and humbly accepted from God.

Awesome Lord, teach us to love You with a passion we cannot comprehend. Give us Your wisdom and grace, and help us understand a little more how much You love us. Give us more every moment!


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I am a product of the '80's (meaning I was born in that decade) and married to the most beautiful woman I know since 2009 (beautiful in appearance and as a woman of God). I graduated in the spring of 2013 from Grand Canyon University with a Christian Leadership major, and now I am a student at Phoenix Seminary. Also, most importantly, Jesus saved me ... and you. View all posts by Daniel M. Klem

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