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Chapter 10 Radio Version

Even though we are already in chapter 11, I recorded the attached program to be aired today on a local radio station.

If you would like to follow along with a “study guide,” most of the program was taken from posts I wrote several years ago. You can find the links to those posts under the tabs at the top of the page.

I do want to thank Daniel Klem for pulling a lot of the weight around here, though. He’s been doing a lot of the writing, and I appreciate that. I hope to be back in the game sooner than later.

God bless, and have a great Lord’s Day!


Clicking on the picture will link you to the recording.

Free Recordings Available

Dear subscribers and readers,

As mentioned earlier, I have been given the opportunity to do a weekly radio program which airs each Sunday morning at 10 a.m. (eastern). If you cannot pick up the station, or if you cannot listen online at the time it airs, the option is still available to receive a recording.

I do not have access to the program that is aired with the intro and outro added by the station. However, I do have the edited mp3 files which are sent to the radio station. If you would like copies of them each week, just let me know by either commenting below or emailing me.


Thank you for your prayers!


Tune In to “Proverbial Thought”

The first episode of Proverbial Thought Radio has been recorded and edited. Tune in to WKWN 1420 on Sunday morning @ 10am. If you are not in the listening area, here is link to another way you can listen online.

Please pray for this ministry as we attempt to make it better and better, possibly expanding our reach.

Also, this is a listener-supported program, so please consider a gift to help defray the cost of air time.